Feast of Saint Joseph

Get up, take the child and his mother.
– Matthew 2:13

My Dear Friends in Christ,

As you may know, our Holy Father Pope Francis has called a special Holy Year dedicated to Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary and Foster Father of Jesus.  This Holy Year coincides with the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of Saint Joseph as the Patron Saint of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis indicated why this special Holy Year was so especially appropriate during the pandemic.

Pope paragraph

With his feast coming up on Friday, March 16, 2021, and with the special Mass and Eucharistic Holy Hour that we are holding that day at 9:00 am, I wanted to share some thoughts about Saint Joseph.  I re-read the Holy Father’s document and found it much more profound than what I was thinking on my own to share with you. Therefore, I’m going to share it with you in full below.

As part of the Holy Family, Saint Joseph is one of the principal patrons of our pastorate and we have a special hold on him along with Mary and Saint Francis. Together, these saints look out for and protect us. I am especially intrigued by how close Saint Joseph is and how much an example he is for any of us, especially for me.  In his quiet, humble, gentle service, Saint Joseph is active in discerning God’s will, gentle in treating others (even and especially those who seem to have wronged him); Saint Joseph trusts fully and faithfully in God’s will, and puts his whole being in service to that will. Truly Saint Joseph is a model of leadership and service so necessary today.

Saint Joseph is also patron of husbands and father who, as Pope Francis repeatedly points out, always put Jesus and Mary’s good above his own. I see so much of this in our own fine parents of every age looking out for their sons and daughters. I love to watch the young dads play with their kids all the while keeping them safe and looking out for them.  It’s such a great reminder to me, an image of our loving Heavenly Father who does the same with us.

During this year of Saint Joseph, let us pray for one another, for all fathers, for all husbands, for all those who serve, for all those who lead, for all immigrants, for all workers, for all who are poor, for all who are struggling to feed their family. Let us invoke the powerful intercession of Saint Joseph who in gentle, humble love helped to form Christ’s image of the Father and shape His love for us.






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